Bugatti Super Veyron Information & Wallpaper

Bugatti Super Veyron Information

Jens Schulenburg, Bugatti’s chief vehicle engineer, recently told Autocar concerning the challenges of building what’s basically the last word Veyron. “The huge challenge are going to be reducing weight, Schulenburg aforementioned. ”We square measure watching some unbelievable technologies, like wheels created entirely from carbon fiber. We’re considering a hybrid, too. “
Bugatti is watching shaving virtually 550 pounds off of the Veyron Super Sport’s body whereas developing the Bugatti SuperVeyron. we have a tendency to conjointly expect Bugatti to bore out its existing eight.0-liter W-16 engine to a nine.6-liter displacement, which can facilitate bump the Bugatti SuperVeyron’s output to 1,600 HP. These further ponies can internet the most recent Veyron a one.8-second 0-to-60 mph time and a prime speed that’s expected to succeed in 288 mph.

Bugatti Super Veyron Front View Image
Bugatti Super Veyron Front View
 Should the Bugatti SuperVeyron live up to the growing plug it’s been generating, plenty of individuals may find yourself forgetting that the Galibier even exists. a minimum of till Bugatti decides to unleash that model.

Bugatti Super Veyron Back View Image
Bugatti Super Veyron Back View
Interior design will be found on this car will look very luxurious and elegant, besides the exterior design of this car will look very sporty and aggressive. It is often given by Bugatti to the their variants. For engine parts, we hope that this car can be equipped with a 8.0-liter W-16 engine to a 9.6-liter displacement. Thus, New Bugatti can accelerate up to 1.8-second 0-to-60 mph time. Yes, using the machine, the Bugatti will produce output to 1,600 horsepower. Isn’t it a amazing power? And, the top speed is 288 mph produced. 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron will be officially introduced at the 2013 IAA Motor Show. French automaker super car will deliver the best to its customers.

Bugatti Super Veyron Interior Image
Bugatti Super Veyron Interior
We still need a lot of information, one of which is the price of this car. For that, we will be patient to wait for more information about this car.  When will we see this new Bugatti SuperVeyron? Apparently at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show next September.

Bugatti Super Veyron Gear Box Image
Bugatti Super Veyron Gear Box
The new hood vent designs are what stood out to us, as well as the newly designed rear spoiler. The headlights are now LED light strips, which make the Veyron look that much more stunning than it usually does. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it isn’t going to be a $1 million car anymore. It’s going to run you about $7.7 million. $1 million now sounds like a couple of dollars. Not only did the Veyron get a sick redesign, but the price tag did, too!

Bugatti Super Veyron Price is US$49,000.
Bugatti Super Veyron Trailer Youtube Video

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